Coronavirus case diary – an experiment with homeopathic remedies during self-isolation

Patient: 30 years old, male, works in healthcare. Underlying conditions: mild, chronic kidney, bladder affections, liver affection (Gilbert’s syndrome), occasional indigestion, recent history of overwork and years of day and night shifts up until more than a year ago.

Summary and conclusions:

Based on experiences of friends the symptoms develop fairly slowly in cases where there is a strong immune system, good functioning tonsils and when there are good prophylactic measures put in place. I only started taking vitamins (B, C, D, Zink) on ca. the 4th or 5th day.

Once the disease finds its way into the system, deep enough to cause all its symptoms, then it manifests itself as a painful pneumonia with phlegm that is thick and suffocating. The main issue is with the quickly solidifying phlegm in the lungs. As I observed, without a remedy that is indicated in productive type of coughs the phlegm kept turning back into a solid mass again giving the impression of a dry cough with laboured breathing, however, the dry cough remedies were not able to change the adherent nature of the phlegm.

I felt like being in a race with time as I did not feel like having the time to observe a remedy’s action for couple of days due to the quick deterioration of my condition. I focused on the pathophysiological processes and my approach in finding remedies that work was with the intention of finding the remedies that support the cure on the level of the lesion layer. I changed remedies whenever I felt that there was no improvement. I also tried in later stages remedies that were effective in earlier stages with little success.

I dealt with the feverish stage in ca. 2.5 days, then 8 days of fighting with the stubborn phlegm followed after which I entered the end phase of the illness (frequent and easy expectoration) which lasted for another 3 days.

The disease tends to develop slowly and it takes an unusually long time until complete cure. In my case, I was lucky to be able to accelerate the pathophysiological processes of the disease with the help of homeopathic and natural treatments.

1st DAY of exposure to Coronavirus: A bit tired than usually after my shift. I decided to go to bed early. A draft caused the next day a headache taken away by Belladonna 200C in just an hour before bedtime.

2nd DAY of exposure: I felt a great, weakening, energetically invading impact while caring for my patient. This resulted in a headache and in great fatigue. No sore throat for me.

Up to DAY 0: Two days after having had contact with a later confirmed positive case, I had symptoms such as recurring occipital headache, unusual fatigue, dry tickling behind sternum with occasional dry irritative coughs. No sore throat, still no active tonsils. As a prophylactic measure I took a dose of Camphor 200C.

DAY 1: Just an hour after taking Camphor 200C I developed symptoms, characteristic of the remedy: ‘icy coldness of the whole body’, ‘shaking chills’, ‘sleeplessness’ at night (similar to the patient I cared for). After waking, surprisingly the dry tickling behind sternum became a mostly dry cough, with difficult expectoration and difficult breathing. The phlegm in my lungs solidified as they say and it indeed felt dry. As I repeated the remedy dissolved in some water during the first day my dry cough tried to turn into a productive one, making it easier to breathe after each dose and I experienced that it kept increasing my temperature which stopped at 38.8°C (axillar). At the end of this feverish day I took a few doses of Phosphorus 30C (dry) based on my observations: ‘better after eating’, ‘one nostril blocked alternatingly’ and ‘starts as dry cough turns into a productive one’. After the first doses of Phosphorus 30C I experienced that my fever dropped immediately (to 38.4) and I felt generally better, my lungs felt freer.

DAY 2: I woke up in the morning, managed to cough up a greyish-greenish-yellowish sputum from a deep part of my lungs and I had only a temperature of 37.7, then I took a dose of Phosphorus 200C. My temperature continued to decrease to 37.1 then went up to 37.5 by the end of the day. I also realised, that my kidneys on both sides hurt as if they were fighting hard with the elimination of toxins. Towards the end of the day I realized that I was avoiding all movements as it caused a great deal of aggravation in most of my body parts (lungs when coughing, joints and muscles). I decided to take Bryonia 200C. As a result the condition of ‘worse for movement’ has greatly improved. I also took 5 drops of Berberis Vulgaris MT (ø) for 2 days in the mornings and in the evenings from the second evening on. I had no headache since day 1.

DAY 3: I felt generally better in my body due to less generalized pain, however the phlegm on my lungs solidified, dried out during the night (due to Bryonia?) my breathing was laboured, having a wheezing type of sound during breathing so I took Camphor 200C again which instantly improved my breathing. Once again it had become more productive but still only little expectoration was possible. Later during the day I experimented with some Arsenicum Album 200C which also covered acc. to Robin Murphy’s repertory cold sores around lips of which I developed 3 big ones during the day. The first time my tonsils started hurting, mostly left side. No changes after taking Arsen Alb. My body temperature has not risen back up ever since the morning of day 3 when it went back to normal. Before falling asleep I cooked an onion and had it with its brew as a natural remedy for helping expectoration. From day 2 and until day 4, I experienced substantial amount of bone pains, especially in my hips and legs or arms. Possibly Eupatorium Perfoliatum could have been the best choice of remedy which I missed to recognise.

DAY 4: On day 4 I could clear my lungs in the morning easier without taking any Camphor. I felt psychologically very frustrated though when I realized that I had been focusing on getting better, on remedies, on some duties I could attend thanks to video conferences etc. I was quite active in my mind not really relaxing enough. My mind was full of impulses, not knowing anymore what I really need, what I should let go of and how to pick up the thread I had lost (the cold sores developed around my mouth the day before as a result of disregarding my own mental/emotional needs). It all feels quite miserable as I recognised that I had no sense of smell or taste at all, but eat you must. I felt intoxicated in my body and mind (like a slight hangover) as if my liver would need support (I have a slight jaundice constantly due to Gilbert’s syndrome). I also felt a sticking sensation behind my right scapula so I took a few doses of Chelidonium 30C during the day as a liver support. My kidneys felt normal again.

Very irritating feeling behind sternum when inhaling excited a cough and based on a weird neurological symptom of a very sensitive scalp on the right side, where I got outward shooting aches occasionally (sometimes into both temples), worse for jarring. At this point I decided to further experiment with taking a dose of Hepar Sulphur 30C. Spongia 30C was at my bedside just in case (which I never took) as I felt like breathing through a sponge.

DAY 5: Even after sleeping 11 hours, I still felt very, very tired. Slight, laboured breathing, worse for exerting myself during everyday tasks. I kept trying to loosen up the phlegm in my lungs by drinking different herbal teas(thyme, ivy leaf) and I also inhaled chamomile tea steam which helped a lot. Still tickling dry cough during the day with occasional rattling cough, hard expectoration, great tiredness, and because I had a symptom of a delirious nature (recurrent chronic one)  ‘rushing of thoughts, images when half asleep’ I experimented with taking another dry cough remedy called Belladonna (200C) during the afternoon. As there was not much improvement I went to bed with a dose of Phosphorus 200C (going back to whatever was already helpful earlier).

DAY 6: Symptoms mostly the same. Slight generalized improvement regarding my energy levels. I kept drinking herbal teas and I also experimented with Camphor 1M created by writing its name on a paper, sticking the paper onto a glass and leaving it in sunshine (as I  did not have it in actual potency), then sipping from it throughout the day. There was not much improvement but no worsening of symptoms was observed either. My sore throat symptom disappeared. My cold sores around my lips became wounds as normally.

DAY 7: after a day of experimenting with a home made remedy (see day 6), once again the least exertion causes oppressed breathing(even when doing nothing sometimes), still feeling very tired and started developing an increasingly stronger occipital headache, similar one to the one in the beginning of my illness. Fanning air towards my face felt good. I took a few doses of Carbo Veg 30C at bedtime which gave an instant relief regarding all my symptoms and I was able to sleep well.

DAY 8: I repeated Carbo Veg 30C in the morning and I could observe in the first half of the day that there is much phlegm in my lungs (rattling cough) but I was able to cough up less and less. I was thinking about taking Nat Sulph later on as my cough was often worse in the mornings with expectoration and sometimes in the evenings, but I was advised to take Antimonium Tartaricum (I had only 30C) basod on the symptom ‘rattling cough less and less expectoration’. I took a dose every ca. 3 hours which I continued to take for the rest of the day and it did support my lungs and the expectoration little by little but as a whole quite significantly.

DAY 9: still very tired, getting sleepy few hours after waking up, but without any remedies I was persistent in being able to cough up. I felt as if all my symptoms had improved to their 20% (including irritation behind the sternum on breathing in). My lungs have improved regarding their ability to take up oxygen, so during my coughing spells (dry and rattling alternated) I felt hyperventilated and almost fainted a couple of times. Acute laboured breathing was gone, but I felt like the phlegm was still in the way. As an experiment I took a dose of Calcium Carb 30C before going to bed. No observable effect.

DAY 10: energy levels slightly improved, but still not doing anything all day, little dizziness when closing the eyes, still coughing with little expectoration. Phosphorus 1M as a possible constitutional remedy had no effect but increased a chronic bladder symptom which pointed to Calc Phos 1M which gave an immediate mental/emotional relief as well as the expectoration started becoming successful.

DAY 11-12: continued with taking Calc Phos 1M. Coronavirus symptoms decreased to a minimum degree(5-10%). Still feeling low on energy. Doing some exercises and going for a short walk caused some fatigue again but there was great desire to become active again. Started drinking lime flower tea to get rid of the last bits of phlegm and inflammation. Significantly less and less irritation or phlegm. No oppression of breathing anymore. No deep rattling sound when coughing. Some chronic symptoms started to come back. At the end of Day 12 in the evening a lot of irritation behind my sternum and mucous on my throat made me cough up small amounts of mucous but no pain at all on inhalation, strong lungs.

DAY 13: Still feeling tired (probably due to chronic liver condition and the result of prolonged acute illness), but not very significant, slight irritation due to mucous behind sternum, much coughing and expectoration of light mucous in the morning which later subsided.

Day 17: My sense of smell and taste still has not come back. On day 16 I was back at work again (in healthcare) possibly surrounded with many covid-19 positive cases. I have put Camphor essential oil in my aroma lamp to evaporate Camphor in my room. The level of relief that my lungs and my body experienced (including emotional) after this was just indescribable. It might be purifying the air and my airways, hopefully deactivating the virus.

Summary of useful remedies in my particular case:

  • Camphor was possibly an antidote to all the remedies that kept energetically the Coronavirus at bay causing the onset of full symptom picture of the Covid19 pandemic in my case; also was an effective intercurrent remedy for loosening up the thick phlegm on my lungs in the early stage; Camphor essential oil even on day 17 did wonders (use it as a prophylactic measure); interestingly, my flatmate took Camphor 200C prophylactic simultaneously and probably due to the fact that he was not exposed closely to coronavirus positive people his immune system did not respond to Camphor so dramatically, who is still free from the symptoms on day 17, stayed in isolation.
  • Phosphorus was greatly indicated in my feverish state
  • Bryonia was good for the general pains worse for movement all over my body after when the fever was already going down
  • Carbo Veg was effective when things started getting worse (breathing and in general), it kept the phlegm loose (similar experience to Camphor in my case)
  • Antimonium Tart was great to keep up a freer expectoration
  • Calcium Phos as a constitutional (or chronic) remedy completed the cure
  • Berberis Vulgaris MT as a support for the kidneys
  • Chelidonium as a liver support
  • Herbal teas: fresh onion brew(seemed quite effective), ivy, thyme, lime flower for keeping the phlegm loose
  • inhalation therapy: chamomile or just steam during taking a shower helped to keep the phlegm loose

I was wondering whether the irresolution of my condition at some points lied in the issue of wrong potencies in case of some remedies such as Camphor in the beginning for instance as Camphor 1M was advised for this illness in general. Whichever potencies were available were used; the remedies were taken dry except for Camphor 200C after the first dry dose.

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